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October Edition: We All Can Make a Difference Through Prayer and Action

Left to Right: Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth
We All Can Make a Difference Through Prayer and Action
Across the horizon of history, individuals who put God and others first continue to stand up and stand out. The United States of America has a history rich with admirable Americans who have put others first in order to honor God and to protect freedom. With God's help, "ordinary" men and women make an extraordinary difference which exceeds their respective lifetimes.

Today, we urge everyone to shift eyes off of the negative, blasting media and onto what God has done and is doing through people willing to serve.

Embrace Your Important Role in U.S. History: We all can make a difference, but we must be willing. We need to step up through prayer and action. Through willingness to serve, everyone can make an extraordinary difference. Desmond Doss is a stellar example of that:

No one suspected that Desmond Doss (1919-2006) would emerge from an inauspicious home in Virginia to become a bona fide American hero. Yet that's exactly what happened. Desmond grew up in a hard-working, Christian family. The media would have paid no attention to him as his dad was a carpenter and his mom was a homeworker and shoe factory worker. Yes, Desmond's life seemed "ordinary," but God was preparing him to do the "extraordinary."

A deeply religious man, Desmond Doss believed that God had called him to never to carry a weapon. Therefore, in 1942, he opted to serve as a medic in the U.S. Army. He was ridiculed for his beliefs by fellow soldiers and he was met with disdain by his superiors, but he never wavered from his convictions as a conscientious objector.

In April of 1945, Desmond Doss's company fought the bloodiest battle in the Pacific: The Battle of Okinawa. Hidden in caves and tunnels, the Japanese hammered our troops. The bloody battle raged as the Japanese held their ground at the top of a 400-foot cliff now famously named, "Hacksaw Ridge."

Desmond Doss's battalion received distinct orders to overrun the cliff -in spite of its being full of violent enemy fighters. Our braver warriors courageously headed to the cliff to defend our country, but the Japanese retaliated with heavy weaponry which pummeled our soldiers until they could go no further. The massive suffering was sickening to the heart and soul of Doss.

He realized that dozens of casualties were left behind, and myriads suffered in horrific anguish. He desperately desired to help them. Their needs were urgent. Yet it felt impossible for him to get them out.

But Doss was willing. And, in response, God helped him to help his buddies.

In his own words, Doss movingly said, "They were my buddies. Some of the men had families and they trusted me. I didn't feel I should value my life above my buddies so I decided to stay with them and take care of as many of them as I could. I didn't know how I was going to do it."

With machine gun and artillery fire bursting all around him, he repeatedly chose to run into the kill zone to find and rescue the wounded. Each rescue required him to drag each man to the edge of cliff.

The manner by which he lowered each buddy to safety was astounding: He didn't have rope long enough to do the job, but the Lord brought to his mind a knot he had learned long ago in his childhood. Remembering his childhood experience of rescuing flood victims, he was able to construct a strong sling that enabled him to lower the men one-by-one to safety.

Desmond Doss worked for 12 hours until he was sure there were no more wounded left. He later recalled, "So I just kept praying, 'Lord, please help me get one more.' One more...until there was none left, and I was the last one down."

President Harry Truman presenting Desmond Doss with the Medal of Honor in 1945.
Amazingly, Desmond Doss saved the lives of 75 men. It was indeed one life at a time. Desmond Doss received the Medal of Honor for his heroism.

Doss later said, "When you have explosives and bullets so close you could practically feel it and not get wounded up there, when I should have been killed a number of times, I know Who I owe my life to as well as my men. That's why I like to tell this story; to the glory of God. Because I know from a human standpoint, I should not be here."

This phenomenal story is an example of perseverance, selflessness, courage, and faith in Christ. Doss was wounded in the process, but he never regretted being able to save so many lives.

It is an example of how one "ordinary" man was used for the extraordinary.

Did you notice the key ingredient in the preceding story? Willingness. Yes, a key part to this story is that Desmond Doss was willing. He had a willing heart to serve and listen to the Lord.

May we all be so willing! Let's all do our part to serve God, help others, and protect freedom. We each can do something to make a difference for the good of God and country. Ask the Lord to show you each day what you can do for others around you. Sometimes, it will feel impossible. Yet God makes it possible.

Every day is a gift filled with purpose and potential. Even if it seems small and "ordinary" to you, it could lead to something "extraordinary" to the people in your life.

Be prayerful. Be willing. Take action.

In God we still trust,
Carrie and Stacie Stoelting
Sisters and Founders of Unite the USA

Interview with Desmond Doss

Watch this powerful yet brief interview and story of Desmond Doss.
Watch this powerful yet brief interview and story featuring Desmond Doss.

Featured Quote

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."
President Harry Truman
This Month's Bible Verse

"But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40:31
Get Ready for Veterans Day


November 11 is Veterans Day! Make sure you are ready to thank our heroes. Now is the time to make sure your Veterans Day cards are signed and sealed so they can be delivered on time. Check out some of our other ideas to honor veterans, too. 

 1. Let us help you honor the heroes in your life. If you have a loved one who is a veteran or who is currently in the military, send Stacie and Carrie his or her picture, name, military branch, rank to info@unitetheusa.org. Unite the USA will post the information online as a way to honor and thank them.
2. Be sure to set aside time to thank our heroes. Thank them in person, on the phone, in a card, or through an e-mail.  
3. Post about Veterans Day on social media so that your friends can reach out to our heroes, too. Write notes of thanks to veterans you know on social media like FaceBook and Twitter.
4. Don't forget our hospitalized heroes or elderly veterans in nursing homes. Send a colorful card, send a gift, or stop by and visit.  Note: In God We Still Trust and ShopUnite the USA make great gift ideas! :)  
5. Invite a veteran to dinner, send a gift card to their favorite restaurant, give a plate of cookies, or order/deliver a meal for them. Take him or a her a gift. Just do something to show that you care and that you are grateful for their service.   
Action Center: ABCs of Patriotism 

Don't get down on our country. Look up! Some say our country's downturn feels like a David and Goliath situation. But remember: With God's help, David won! It is amazing what the average American can accomplish for their country.

Want some practical tips? Here you go: It's as simple as the ABC's:

A: Act.
 Don't just talk. Act. Have your own prayer meetings before attending town hall meetings, always vote - even in primaries and mid-term elections, and call/write your Congressman about your concerns. Educate your children about the Christian history of American government. (Through education, you will discover more ways to make your voice heard.) Be aware of the news and be involved in influencing policies (the American Family Association and Liberty Counsel also help people stay alert.)

B: Be bold (and respectful). Contact legislators and be ready to express your position while backing it up with facts, respectful firmness, and faith.

C: Connect. 
Connect with your Congressmen and women enough that they know your name. Often, their offices correspond more than you'd expect! Meet your representatives in person and establish a rapport. And, of course, one option is to connect with them on Facebook and share with your friends via such posts. (Facebook has its disadvantages, but one advantage is to network with fellow conservatives and stay alert to goings on that the secular media ignore. For example, our FB page, Unite the USA, includes original Founding Fathers' quotes, Scripture, prayer, action alerts, info on other pro-family/pro-faith sites.)
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