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November Edition: Every Day Should Be Veterans Day

Left to Right: Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth

Invitation: Give Stacie and Carrie the opportunity to send a thank you card to a veteran in your family...

CarrieAndStacieVeteransDayCards.jpgNow through Christmas, Stacie and Carrie are sending handwritten cards to every veteran whose address is shared with them. Give Stacie and Carrie the opportunity to send a thank you card to a veteran in your family. Or, if you're a veteran, let them send you one. 

It's easy. Fill out a quick form by clicking here so Stacie and Carrie can send a handwritten thank-you card. Thank you so much for the honor of thanking our heroes!

Every Day Should Be Veterans Day
By Stacie Ruth Stoelting and Carrie Beth Stoelting

L-R: Stacie, veterans Lee Booton & Glenn McDole, and Carrie
Veterans Day. On the calendar, it appears but once. November 11, to be exact. However, Veterans Day should be every day.

Think about it: Every veteran willingly offered to protect us and, if needed, to die for us. Immeasurable suffering and sacrifices color the pages of history and profoundly affect families forever.

That's why Veterans Day should be every day.

In order to create a vivid image of heroism, the story of every fallen hero, wounded warrior, POW, and other heroic veterans should be told. One such story is of an Iowan, the late Glenn McDole.

Not long before Glenn McDole passed away, our paths crossed with this American hero. He was one of the rightfully honored heroes at an event where Stacie sang the National Anthem. We felt deeply grateful to have the opportunity to recognize his heroism, thank him from our hearts, and shake his hand.

His story riveted us and, to this very day, we are moved whenever we think of him:

It was 1940. In homes across America, loud radios (not TVs) reported on the distant rumblings in Europe. An Iowan teenager decided to help. Glenn McDole decided that he would do the right thing and joined the U.S. Marine Corps to serve his country. Initially, it was more what a teenager would imagine it would be: He was first stationed in the Philippine Islands. 

But then Pearl Harbor changed everything.... (Click here to read the rest of this Newsmax exclusive article by Stacie and Carrie.)
Glenn McDole: Is His Own Words
Glenn McDole survived the Palawan Massacre. Listen to this brave WWII POW tell his riveting story.
Glenn McDole survived the Palawan Massacre. Watch and listen to this brave WWII POW tell his riveting story. May we never forget...

This Month's Bible Verse

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12 Ways to Honor Heroes

Soldiers give so much. It's time for us to give back to them. Here are a few ways to show our heroes appreciation and support:

1. Let us help you honor the heroes in your life. If you have a loved one who is a veteran or who is currently in the military, send Stacie and Carrie his or her picture, name, military branch, rank to info@unitetheusa.org. Unite the USA will post the information online as a way to honor and thank them.
2. Be sure to set aside time to thank our heroes. Thank them in person, on the phone, in a card, or through an e-mail.  
3. Check your local community's schedule for Veterans Day events. Attending an event honoring their service offers a great opportunity to honor and thank veterans in person. 
4. Don't forget our hospitalized heroes or elderly veterans in nursing homes. 
Send a colorful card, send a gift, or stop by and visit.  Note: In God We Still Trust
and Unite the USA make great gift ideas! :)  
5. Invite a veteran to dinner, send a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or order/deliver a meal for them. Take him or a her a gift. Just do something to show that you care and that you are grateful for their service.   
6. Visit a veteran- even if it's brief.

7. Pick up the phone and call just to thank them.

8. Grant a wish. Wounded Soldier's Wish raises funds to grant the wishes of injured military in all branches realize their dreams. No wish is too big or too small. Check it out here.

9. Send a card - one card and stamp could be... priceless! Send one to a hero you know or write one and send it to A Million Thanks here. Also, it you live in a small town, often the local newspaper will print area the servicemen and women's addresses.

Send a care package to a serviceman or woman. See below for more details.

Offer a discount at your business or company to veterans with a military ID or veterans card.

12. Reach out to military families and ask them ways that you can help.

Send A Christmas Care Package

Christmas is around the corner. Get started now to be sure care packages are received near Christmas. It means so much to them to receive something from home. So, get busy and reach out to a hero today. Make it a family project. Here are some tips to send a care package:

1. Shop for items to go in the care package. Include a variety of items such as nonperishable food and snacks like sunflower seeds, beef jerky, hard candy, gum and snack crackers. Useful items like toothpaste, hand lotion, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, shampoo, chap stick, and bath soap are always appreciated. Also include CDs, DVDs, magazines, small games, note pads and pens. If you are preparing a care package for a loved one, include photos, family videos, hand written letters and copies of the local newspaper.

2. Follow the restrictions established for military care packages. Do not send perishable foods or candies that melt. Alcohol, firearms, and any time of weapon are not allowed in care packages. Do not send any product that may be considered harmful such as an aerosol spray can.

3. Use the guidelines established for the care package itself. The package cannot weigh more than 70 pounds. The box or container that is sent must be no more than 130 inches total combined girth and length. The completed care package needs to be sent by way of the United States Postal System by "Priority Mail." If not sent by Priority Mail, the package will take 8 weeks or even longer if mailed during the holiday mailing period.

4. Be sure that you have the correct military address to mail your care package because the package will pass through the Military Post Office (MPO) to be processed to the correct military base or location.

5. Work together with military families in the same unit as your loved one to make sure that all the members of the unit have care packages arriving from home. Ask the home front commanding officer or the assigned contact to stay updated about the military unit's location. Talk to organizations in your community about doing service projects for various military units that may not have a lot of home front support.

While There's Time

Listen to Stacie and Carrie sing
Listen to Stacie and Carrie sing "While There's Time". Let's honor & appreciate our veterans while there's still time.

Remembering All Veterans Who Served

Honoring the Honorable
We give tribute to our military, past and present including during peacetime:

The American Revolution 1775-1783

The Indian Wars

Shay's Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion 1794

Quasi-War With France 1798-1800

Fries's Rebellion

The Barbary Wars

The War of 1812

Mexican-American War 1846-1848

U.S. Slave Rebellions 1800-1865

"Bleeding Kansas"

Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry - 1859

United States Civil War 1861-1865

U.S. Intervention in Hawaiian Revolution -1893

The Spanish-American War - 1898

U.S. Intervention in Samoan Civil War

U.S.-Philippine War

Boxer Rebellion - 1900

The Moro Wars

U.S. Intervention in Panamanian Revolution 1903

The Banana Wars

U.S. Occupation of Vera Cruz - 1914

Pershing's Raid Into Mexico - 1916-1917

World War I - 1914-1918

Allied Intervention in Russian Civil War
World War II - 1941-1945

The Cold War - 1945-1991

The Korean War

Vietnam War - 1956-1975

U.S. Intervention in Lebanon - 1958

Dominican Intervention 1965

Iranian Hostage Rescue 1980 (April 25)

U.S. Libya Conflict
1981, 1986

U.S. Intervention in Lebanon - 1982-1984

U.S. Invasion of Grenada 1983

"Operation Earnest Will" 1987-1988

U.S. Invasion of Panama 1989

Second Persian Gulf War "Operation Desert Storm" 1991

"No-Fly Zone" War

U.S. Intervention in Somalia - 1992-1994

NATO Intervention in Bosnia (Operation Deliberate Force) Summary - 1994-1995

U.S. Occupation of Haiti 1994

U.S. Embassy bombings and strikes on Afghanistan and Sudan (The bin Laden War) - August, 1998

"Desert Fox" Campaign (part of U.S./Iraq Conflict) December, 1998

Kosovo War - 1999

Attack on the USS Cole October 12, 2000

Attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon September 11, 2001

Afghanistan War (Operation Enduring Freedom)
October 7, 2001-Present

"Operation Iraqi Freedom" March 19, 2003-2011

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